Automate customer experiences across any system & channel

Profile your site visitors and customers

Get a single point of view of all customer data from all your data sources.

Trigger automated flows based on behavior

Trigger automated flows across your marketing technology stack based on visitor behavior or visitor profile properties.

Personalize your website

Align your site experience with your visitors profile, stage in conversion funnel, interests or behavior. No matter what technology your site is built on.

Consolidate your customer information

Get a 360 view of your customer information across your technology stack and make this customer profile available to the stack members.


Monoloop offers you a simple, extendable and scalable foundation for the customer data hub of your business. With Profiles you can track all customer interactions. Identify Unknown website visitors through cookies and gradually populate your profiles with behavioural data from all of your channels and touchpoints. Profiles are designed to consolidate your customer information across multiple devices and deliver a 360 view of your customer data. Profiles can be enriched with any data that is important to your business using trackers or API. Now you can piece together the customer interactions buried in every domain, channel, silo, add real-time behavior and consolidate a rich, open, dynamically evolving customer profile.


Monoloops rich behavioral profile acts as the foundation of your customer information. The profile can easily be extended with anything you like to capture from site visits or from other systems. It offers mechanisms to automatically join multiple device profiles into a single customer profile and offers external keys that identify an individual in other of your systems.


Monoloop lets you visually connect your existing systems, tools and services no matter where they are located or served. No programming required. Anything with an API or data source can be connected.


Flows removes the obstacles in omnichannel marketing, and makes it easy to create event and data-driven customer journeys, using your existing marketing tools and reusing your existing content.  Flows empowers you to orchestrate, automate processes and customer experience without coding. You can effectively wire your entire technology stack and automate any action in it. You can visually orchestrate the business logic and cross channel customer experience using the drag and drop visual flow designer.

Automate any workflow across any number of internal or external systems using the most powerful visual flow editor in the market – no code required. Combine any technology, service or system in your flows. Orchestration across systems is not limited to marketing – any workflow involving one or multiple systems can be automated.


Monoloop enables you to personalize the customer experience on your website in real time based on the individual data profile. No matter what technology your site is built upon.

Target paid traffic with content and call to actions that are aligned with the context of the advertising. Target visitors based on location, prior visits, interests, audience membership, converted goals…everything.

Monoloop enables you to trigger targeted advertising on external networks like Google or Facebook based on the profile information of the individual prospect.

Trigger personalized email flows in any email marketing platform of your choice. Being technology agnostic Monoloop have you covered no matter what email platform you use.

Any event like goal conversion, audience membership changes or inactivity can trigger an flow of emails in any email marketing platform or any automated flow across your technology stack.


Building customer information does not start with a form submission. Most of the customer’s journey toward a conversion is anonymous. Monoloop captures all interactions with your site visitors and builds rich behavioral profiles from the first contact to the last. Visits, interests, conversions, form data – everything is captured and can be shared with any other system or service. When a visitor converts and becomes known – you have the entire history of that individual upon conversion.


Single or multi-page experiences with one or many content elements. Experiences can be a simple A/B test of a single content variation on a single page or it can be multiple dynamic elements across any number of pages on the site targeting a specific segment of your visitors with a targeted consistent customer experience and goal.


Updated on each page view – calculated in real time. Audiences are used to define your target group for your visitor experience. Audiences are segments of visitors who share a common property or behavior. It can be any combination of properties from the full customer profile.

Combine your existing customer data with behavioral data captured from your website in real time. You can build audiences on any combination of properties captured about your visitors, prospects or customers. Use audiences to define your customer journey stages and dynamically change your site content and call to actions to the individual visitor’s stage in the journey.


The customer profile can be extended with any kind of information. Ready to use trackers are built for capturing site categories, products, searches, basket content, purchases and form submitted. Any visible information on the site, in cookies, javascript variables, meta data or in the HTML can easily be captured. Custom trackers can capture any number of data fields using any of the methods to extend the customer profile with data objects.

Information from 3rd party systems can easily be captured using trackers too.


Integrating customer profile information with backend systems and external platforms opens up an ocean of opportunities – and now that has just become a lot easier!

Monoloop includes a full API to enable deep integration with other applications. The API support tracking, content injection, pull and push of profile information.

The API is the developer friendly path to pull behavioral information into your CRM, CMS or other backend systems. It is the fast track to enrich the customer profile with offline events like brick and mortar purchases, phone calls, support ticket.


Respect of privacy is at the core of all personalization. Monoloop was designed with Privacy in mind. Core GDPR concepts like Right to Access and Right to be Forgotten are central to our design. Monoloop provides an integrated Privacy Center which makes it easier for you organization to comply with federal and EU Privacy legislation and international laws.

The Privacy Center enables your visitors to view which information is being tracked, allows them to change permissions on how you may use their tracked information and provides them with the ability to delete their profile and tracking cookie if they wish.

You can easily add your own privacy policy while setting up your account, and with the paid version you can decide whether to place the Privacy Center tab on your website or not. The free version of Monoloop have a discreet Privacy Center tab served on all your pages.

Site Personalization

Monoloop include a full site personalization platform. Target specific audiences with relevant experiences and report on goals like pageviews or profile conditions.

Marketing Clouds

Connect any marketing cloud service to Monoloop and deliver consistent customer experiences across channels and services using shared customer information.


Connect any database in your organization to Monoloop Flows and use it as a source or target for your automations or customer experiences.

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