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4.0 Released – check out the highlights

4.0 Released – check out the highlights 150 150 kresten

Almost a full year of development is put into this release – here are the details:

  • Data Objects – you can now push any dataobject from any system to your customer profiles through new API endpoints and use that information to trigger personalized experiences on your site. Data Objects can also be consumed by backend or 3rd party systems using the API.
  • Trackers 2.0 – fully redesigned UI to extend customer profiles with information captured from your website. Easily capture any information visible on your site, hidden in metadata, stored in cookies or javascript variables. Basically anything that is exposed on your website can easily be captured and injected into the customer profile and used for content triggering.
  • Form tracking – Monoloop now enable you to easily capture data from existing forms and use the data captured in building triggers for Experiences or variations of content.
  • Experience reporting and Widgets redesigned and extended reporting on engagement metrics from Experiences. Now you get insight into how your Experiences impact visitor behavior beyond just the goal conversions.
  • Collapsible menu increase the screen equity when working in the UI on your site.
  • New Media Library with Crop, Resize, WebP support. All media assets uploaded in Monoloop are automatically converted into different sizes supporting multiple devices.
  • Automated responsive –  all images are tagged for responsive serving and correct image size is automatically selected.
  • WebP support in media library – all media assets uploaded in Monoloop are automatically converted into different sizes supporting multiple devices, additionally we generate a WebP edition of the asset and automatically serve this version for browsers who supports this optimized format. Saving your visitors bandwidth and increasing the page load speed.
  • New inline editor with code editor – easily inject HTML and javascript into any location on your page.
  • New Guides introduce you to the features inside the UI.
  • Site editing experience is now using caching to significantly speed up the user experience.

It has never been easier to get started with a more targeted online customer experience using our new WordPress plugin.

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