Your first dynamic site content – in 1 minute

Your first dynamic site content – in 1 minute 1903 1045 kresten

Getting started with targeted dynamic content on your site is easier than you think – in fact it is dead easy.

This time I will walk you though your first dynamic variation on your site in less than a minute.

1. Login into Monoloop on login.monoloop.com

2. Go to Pages section and click the big red + button.

A browser like window opens up.

  • Enter your site URL into the window and watch your site render.

  • Select Edit mode in the window and select the element on the page you want to change.
  • If you selected text – you can now edit the text directly inside the page.
  • If you selected image – you can select or upload the image you need.

  • When finished creating the variation – select Add variation/Change image in the left hand panel. Name the variation and click Condition tab. Now the Condition Builder opens and you can drag and drop the visitor profile parameter from left panel to main canvas to define your target visitor.
  • Click OK when finished defining the target visitor.

3. Click Save tab and click Save button.


4. Go to Pages section again and Enable the page.

That’s it – you now have your first dynamic variation live on your site.

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