Addressing Intelligent Tracking Prevention

Addressing Intelligent Tracking Prevention

Addressing Intelligent Tracking Prevention 750 399 kresten

Safari and Firefox started blocking and limiting cross site tracking and 3rd party cookies to improve user privacy and reduce invasive advertising long ago. Recently Safari has taken steps to delete 1st party cookies that are used for site tracking. This impact all services that track site behavior like Google Analytics and it potentially also impact site personalization services like Monoloop.

The latest change by Safari (ITP 2.2) means that 1st party tracking cookies are deleted automatically after 24 hours. The result is that it is no longer possible to connect visitors site interactions across visits based on cookie information. This move is damaging web analytics results and in Monoloops case it results in many profiles with a single visit that is in fact by the same visitor. The quality of data we have on site visitors is simply eroding and building personalized journeys becomes harder.

We are proud to present a GDPR compliant web personalization solution that is solving both cross domain tracking as well as cross visit tracking.

Cookie Fallback

Monoloop has just released a new local storage based fallback – visitor IDs and keys are saved in both a 1st party cookie as well as in local storage. If the browser have removed the cookie – Monoloop will check if visitor ID is available in local storage. If that is the case – a new cookie is created and the visits are linked. This procedure effectively relinks visits from the same visitor.

New cross domain tracking

We also introduce a new optional method of doing cross domain tracking – here we utilize as centralized domain to link visitors across your defined domains. 

The solution comes with a price – another hit to Monoloop servers on the first pageview – delaying the time before Monoloop is able to return any page personalization. The delay is however counteracted by Monoloops anti flicker code that hides the page content until Monoloop have returned its content. Monoloop is fast so both requests are served well before the page is loaded in the site visitors browser.

If you want to learn more about how we do cross domain and cross visit tracking – please do not hesitate to reach out.

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