Supercharge your email marketing using webhooks

Supercharge your email marketing using webhooks

Supercharge your email marketing using webhooks 512 512 kresten

Most email marketing platforms have no or very limited tracking of subscribers website visits and behavior. The fact that a subscriber is visiting, the context and what is visited is rarely captured. Most platforms only capture email opens and clicks – but not the visits, or the visits that subscribers do from other sources than the emails you have sent. This leaves you as a marketer with a limited view of the subscribers behavior and few options to time and trigger your messages optimally.

Link subscribers with their onsite behavior

Timing and context in emails are likely the most important parameters to ensure high open and click rates. Your site is your main point of interaction and source of behavioral data of your visitors and customers so the link between your email subscribers and their onsite behavior is defining your options. Linking the onsite behavior with your subscriber base is potentially the most powerful step you can take to increase the relevance of your emails.

With the introduction of webhooks, Monoloop now enables triggering activities in your email marketing platform and easy sharing of the rich profile data collected by Monoloop with the rest of your marketing stack.

Respond to site visits

Using webhooks you can trigger emails that follow up on subscribers site visits, goal conversions, experience and audience memberships. You can automate the updating of your email subscriber profiles with any Monoloop property of your choice and you can use them to personalize your email content.

Reengage by responding to inactivity

Another very powerful use of webhooks is the ability of getting notified when nothing happens. So when a visitor is not revisiting – its may be time to initiate an action like sending an email, triggering a notification or adding the visitor to a remarketing flow. Just like many have developed a automated onboarding flow – similarly most would benefit from a re-engagement flow that is triggered to the vast majority of subscribers that eventually stop visiting and responding to your messages.

Monoloop Webhooks can also be used to enrich your CRM platform, update retargeting lists or simply log your customer behavior in a central repository. Only your imagination sets the limits.

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