Building your first targeted site experience in 4 simple steps

Building your first targeted site experience in 4 simple steps

Building your first targeted site experience in 4 simple steps 894 400 kresten

Most websites deliver the same experience to all visitors – that is a huge opportunity as your visitors are all different, have different needs, different value and intent.

Using Monoloop you can target experiences to specific visitor profile properties – such as location, previous visits, interests, customer lifecycle stages etc.

So what exactly is an experience?
It’s simple: One or more content elements on one or more pages, targeting a single audience and a single goal.

1. Define the target audience
In Monoloop you can target audiences based on any combination of properties in visitors profile – pages viewed, source of visit, location, interests, previous interactions or any kind of information you may have added to their profile from your external systems.

To get started we will start out simple:
Your single largest audience is likely new visitors – people who never visited your site before. This audience is easily defined as visitors with TotalVisits=1. We have predefined this audience in Monoloop – so you only have to activate it in the Audience section.

2. Define your goals
Your most important objective for first time visitors is to attract them to a second visit. Next objective is moving anonymous visitors to known visitors by getting permission to continue the conversation. Typically you try signing up the visitor for a newsletter or registering for gated content. Both are really good CTA’s for first time visitors.

3. Define your experience
Remove noise is likely the single most important thing you can do for visitors across all audiences. A typical site will have call to actions (CTA) that are relevant for all stages in the customer lifecycle. In this case, try to identify and remove everything that is not relevant for a first time visitor.

A very small percentage of the first time visitors will convert and buy – those who do have done their research and gone through the purchase process outside of your website. However the main bulk of visitors will be in the initial stages of a purchase decision – so you should focus on building rapport and establish a relationship.

If your business has a real USP – something that significantly differentiate you from your competitors – then consider focusing first time visitors attention to this message.

If you have one or two questions you could ask a visitor that enable you to explain your value proposition with more detail – consider asking all visitors those questions upon their initial visit and use Monoloop to trigger a more relevant proposition.

4. Set it up
Sign in to Monoloop UI, Select Audience section and activate New Visitors audience. Then go to Goals section and define your goal. In this case it could be tracking the signup form as a page related goal or it could be measuring how many visitors makes it to the second visit. This would be a condition based goal (TotalVisits=2).

When goals are defined, go to Experience section and create a new experience with New visitors as audience and the goal you just defined. Next add the pages and content elements that constitute your experience – everything using the Experience wizard.

Click activate – sit back and see how your experience impact the behavior of your site visitors.

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