Profiles is the answer!

Profiles is the answer!

Profiles is the answer! 1000 563 kresten

Delivering a truly tailored, personalised experience to your customers, at scale and across any channel, was once a distant dream.

This is about to change.

Every channel and technology that touches a consumer learns about that consumer. If the information can be shared inside an organisation across departments then it can be used to personalize the customer experience. Because most interaction is now at scale and in real time, this data has to be shared through technology.

The latest marketing technology allows you to understand exactly where customers are on their digital decision journey and offer them useful, relevant content just when they’re most receptive to it. Designing such personalised experiences means targeting content to the context of both your customer’s past and current interactions.

This is where profiles come in – if every technology platform is connecting to the profile in real time, then all the customer data and information can be consolidated and shared in real time too. This capability is what technology like Monoloop offers to the marketeers of the world.

And it is amazingly easy to get started. Signup for an account and drop a single line of script on your site and you are on your way. Start capturing customer identity and build profiles from your site as it is the epicenter of most companies interactions with all its audiences. Then connect your existing channels – one by one – to expand the profile for a full perspective of your customers and audiences.

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