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We originate from the advertising industry – specifically a niche agency that focused entirely on one to one marketing, personalization and dialogue based communication. During our work with clients we discovered that most value was delivered when creative strategy and tactics were tightly integrated with technology that underpinned the execution.

Across the board we experienced how hard it was for marketing people to get access to real customer data and how organizational barriers as well as different siloed tools and services in the clients technology stack made it difficult to deliver better customer experiences. This triggered us to migrate into software development and the development of a generic platform.

With Monoloop we try to solve a couple of difficult problems:

  • Consolidate customer information into deep profiles.
  • Make data available across the clients existing technologies and solutions.
  • Enable orchestration of automated customer experiences across clients technology stack.
  • Enable clients to deliver personalized web experiences.

Monoloop enables businesses to consolidate customer information from web and internal systems to get a full 360 omnichannel view of the customer. Using Flows organizations can connect their entire technology stack with the rich profile information and web events generated by Monoloop to deliver any type of experience across any channel or system.

Monoloop delivers a full featured personalization platform, enabling businesses to build personalized customer experiences across existing websites and mobile apps.

Using Monoloop businesses can build targeted customer experiences and apply them no matter what technology the site is built on.

The platform’s ease of use and speed of deployment empower organizations to quickly engage with data-driven customer experiences.

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